Law & Order: Special Waste Unit

So on Monday, I went to a sandwich place for lunch and got a sandwich wrapped in paper and a drink and a cookie in a plastic bag.  That night, I went to the movies and got a drink and a package of M&Ms.

I felt.  So.  Guilty.

Today, I was better; anything disposable I got came in biodegradable cups.  (Of course, we had burgers for dinner that come in plastic.)  I realized the cup I have that’s stainless steel has a plastic outer shell and I’m worried it will get crunched in my bag.  So I should buy one to take with me places for those times when I want soda.

My mother has decided to start saving the plastic mesh bags from oranges and my dad said he should “probably” start keeping re-usable cloth shopping bags in his car.  I may have started something.

I love you, too, but I’m gonna mace you in the face

This is another case in which I began to write a blog post about The Darjeeling Limited and failed to follow through.  If anyone who knows jack about film would like to start a discussion, I would invite that.  Life Aquatic made me mad to the point where I wasn’t even sure how to engage with the film in order to write about it rationally.  Darjeeling Limited didn’t make me as mad, but I find it to be a pretty problematic film.  Here we go!

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