Day Two: A Waste of Thrones

I had another meh day.

I have three big problems: TV, gas, and meat.  I have one small problem: compost.

TV: I have been watching TV almost all day.  I left the house at 8am to watch my friend graduate, and I had an unnecessarily meandering adventure, which kept me away from the house until 2.  But then I decided the best use of my time would be to watch Game of Thrones from the beginning because it’s on HBO On Demand.  I realized what will probably be the hardest thing about this week: I want to find a solution in my own household for cutting down on energy, but this time is also much-needed Me Time.  In the case of the TV, we could become the most dedicated green family on earth, but the TV would still be on constantly.  My dad always has the TV on.  I think, perhaps, the reason I become an idle watcher of television is because I almost never have the TV to myself.  I decided to watch Game of Thrones while they were gone because I am not watching graphic, incestuous sex with my parents, plus I’m free to binge on however many hours I choose.  And my dad refuses to watch TV in the dark.  The light has to be on, even on the dimmest setting.

So, in a way, the success and failure of this whole experiment is that I consider myself to be on vacation.  I really don’t watch that much TV on the television: Mad Men always, but rarely anything else—usually because my shows conflict with my parents’ shows.  I mean, I’m an internet watcher.  I will watch things over and over again; I often use Netflix as a sleep aid, which is unhealthy.  We all have our vices, I guess.  A lot of Zero Waste people get rid of their TVs altogether so they can spend more time bonding with their families.  I’m over the legal drinking age; I doubt monopoly sessions with my parents are going to change my TV addiction.

Gas: As I said, I attended a big graduation at Auraria Campus, in the heart of Metro Denver.  We got done at 12:30pm.  Portland Sunday brunch was a war-zone.  But I thought, hey, I’m already in Denver Proper.  It can’t be that bad, can it?  Yes.  Yes it can.  I swung by one place, saw the wait outside, drove through the city of Denver, along Colfax, went up to North Denver, and wound up eating lunch at a place really close to wear I live.  So, Denver Sunday brunch is more popular than I realized, plus it was Mother’s Day.  I also drove to get dinner because I STILL haven’t gone grocery shopping.  (Have I mentioned that grocery shopping and laundry are tied for my least favorite chores?)  Moral of the story: brunch on a weekday or not at all.  Or arrive early.

Meat: I ate two meat entrees today.  After the first one, I thought, “OH SHIT I JUST ATE MEAT.  I better not do that anymore.”  I thought about it until I left for dinner.  And then I ordered a chicken burrito and didn’t even REALIZE it until that chicken was long digeste.  Goddamn.  To be fair, I did eat at Larkburger for lunch, a local chain that commercially composts, and in fact, is so committed to sustainability that anyone who doesn’t believe in climate change might be in danger of bursting into flames once they cross the threshold.  Next time I’m going to try the portobello burger.

My other meat misstep came with a dinner from Chipotle.  Chipotle is probably closer to being a Big Evil Corporation than Larkburger, but because it was founded in Denver and because it is delicious, I cannot resist its powers.  At least they are committed to food with integrity.  I refused the bag, I plan to reuse and/or recycle the aluminum foil—I have checked before with Waste Management about the recycling services in my area, but since they accept plastics 1-7, they probably accept aluminum foil.  I also really wanted a soda, so I brought my own cup; just one of the coffee cups we have around the house.  I explained to them nicely that I will pay full drink price, I just don’t want a cup.  I can’t even remember if the cashier gave me a weird look or not, honestly.

Best of all, I got to Chipotle at the exact same time as an old school-friend and her mother, who are in town from the east coast.  So I got to eat dinner with them and catch up.  This would have been nice on any other day, but it was nice to eat Mother’s Day dinner with someone else.  Clearly, I was meant to eat dinner at Chipotle tonight.

Compost: I still don’t know what to do about the compost.  The composter in our backyard is one of those weird, plastic, industrial-beehive-looking things.  I have not one clue how to use it; I don’t know if you just dump the stuff directly on the soil inside the hive thingy.  Compost is complicated business.  Ours is also full of mulch at the moment, for reasons unknown.  This morning, I was running late and I had no idea what to do with yesterday’s coffee filter.  So I just pulled out a clean tupperware, sealed it in, and put it in the fridge.  Maybe not the smartest thing to do, but when it’s 8am and you’re already late, you’ve just gotta go with your gut.  My other problem: is it really worth troubling myself with that big-ass, mulch-filled beehive thingy when I don’t know how it works (the internet isn’t being that helpful in my search but I’ll keep trying) and so far the only compost I’ve generated is two coffee filters full of grounds?  I have other options I can look into as well.

Stray observations:

  • staying home alone with a dog prone to random barking spells can be spooky-scary after the sun goes down and your only lighting is a jousting match on TV.
  • I’ve been thinking about No Impact Man; he made his wife give up coffee because it comes from far away.  A lot of Zero Waste folks skip things full of chemicals, which I realize soda from a soda fountain pretty much is.

2 thoughts on “Day Two: A Waste of Thrones

  1. I didn’t have access to a composter this past year, so one of the things I really tried to cut down on was organic scraps and waste. It’s not as good as composting, but I generally managed to get a second use out of various things before they hit the waste stream. I threw vegetable scraps in a freezer container and made vegetable stock when the container filled up. As for coffee grounds, they make a really awesome body scrub, especially if you mix them with a little brown sugar and jojoba or grapeseed oil.

    Making more of my own body care and cleaning products has cut down on a lot of packaging waste at my house, and it’s also super cheap. If you can get your hands on it, you may want to check out a little book called Make Your Place. It’s one of the better all purpose DIY guides I’ve found.

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