Mad Men 5×10: “Christmas Waltz”

I don’t think this review is going to materialize in a solid form, so I’m going to roll with the punches and just jot down a few thoughts:

  • This episode was a little bit of a mixed bag for me solely because it involves a lot of Kinsey and Harry.  I was never a fan of Kinsey and over time I grew to actively dislike the character.  I did wonder what happened to him a bit, but I always hoped he would be mentioned without making an appearance on screen. Judging by this episode’s dialogue, he’s been lurking at the edges the whole time.
  • I actually found Harry a bit less obnoxious here than he has been in recent episodes.  In “Tea Leaves” I wanted Don to hit him.  Good for him for being a good friend.  Sort of.
  • Of course Kinsey became Hare Krishna.  I’m sorry, any positive feelings I have toward this character are heavily diluted by his sheer pretentiousness.  Also, his spec script sounded stupid.  And what is with the science fiction writing on Mad Men?  At least Cosgrove’s is supposed to be good.
  • On the other hand, I kind of enjoy how the counter-culture is beginning to creep into their world.  Of course, Kinsey looking like a Giant Gross Baby is the ultimate downside.
  • To counterbalance the presence of Harry and Giant Baby, though, was a number of excellent Joan and Don scenes.  At some point, I said something at a Mad Men viewing party about how I wished Don and Joan would get together.  The response was, “You just want to see hot people fucking.”  True.  Of course, I realize now that I don’t really like how Don plays off the women he is having a sexual relationship with, like Peggy and Joan.  He seems to respect these women more.  I think the tone of his interaction with Joan was primarily one of respect.  I really enjoyed their scenes together.
  • Bonus: Joan Goes Apeshit scene.  I may love these more than Don + Joan.  My god, remember the vase smashing?  Those were the salad days.  This episode’s was especially great.
  • The saga of Don and Megan continues and it looks like she’s not going to strip down and tell him not to look at her anymore.
  • I hate watching Christmas episodes out-of-season.  Even on Mad Men.
  • The jury is out on “Embezzlin’ Lane.”

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