Mad Men 5×06: “Far Away Places”

Yeah, so I totally dropped the ball on this one.  My very good friend got married on Sunday, so I watched Mad Men, but on Monday I was exhausted, Tuesday I went to see The Deep Blue Sea (or, as my friend called it “Watching Paint Dry: The Movie”), Wednesday I went to see Mulholland Drive on the big screen, Thursday I went to see Jeff Mangum, Friday I took my bestie out drinking to celebrate her graduation.  And now it’s Saturday and I’m exhausted and have only viewed this week’s episode once. Continue reading


Mad Men 5×04: “Mystery Date”

As the AV Club’s review of the fifth season premiere pointed out, Mad Men has a way of side-stepping events in American history that seem significant in the twenty-first century retrospective—for example, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream…” speech was mentioned, but not really addressed.  This isn’t always true, of course, the most glaring exception to this being the Kennedy assassination, which got a whole episode to itself and also seemed to play heavily into Betty and Don’s divorce.  Maybe what I mean is that the show picks and chooses which cultural events are most likely to shake the characters to their core.  And frequently the events portrayed with any gravity are those that affect the middle-to-upper And that’s exactly what this episode does: the reverberations of Richard Speck’s rape and murder of eight Chicago nurses rock fifth avenue and the suburbs.  Joyce says it best when she brings the un-publishable photos of the crime scene to show off at SCDP: “I think this is going to make the cover, not the riots…[W]e did the riots this week: ‘Watts: A Year Later.’  Plus, there have been five riots this summer.”

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