Days Three and Four: Waste and Recreation

Well.  I haven’t gotten much better.  I’ve still been going out for dinner, but exclusively at Larkburger and Chipotle.  And yesterday, I got Larkburger’s Amy Burger, which, instead of a meat patty, has a delicious portobello mushroom patty.  Delicious.  And all their plastic is compostable.  So I did one day without meat.  I did eat my lunch on Monday at the Loftea Cafe, which a friend of mine found while waiting for me to meet her.  They stock my beloved Bobo’s Oat Bars (from Boulder!), which I was bummed I couldn’t eat because of the packaging.  I ordered a yogurt parfait, and was disappointed that you choose a container of yogurt out of the fridge—but because of their commitment to organic and seasonal food, I trust it was recycled properly.

I thought I had stagnated for a bit, but I used my first paper towel today at work.  I refused a bag for my Chipotle burrito at lunch this afternoon, and I suffered a burrito rupture that stained my skirt and bag.  I didn’t have any cloths in my bag, and I had to blot out the stain.  One paper towel in four days could be worse.

I still fret about the compost, I still haven’t gone grocery shopping, I’m still addicted to driving and TV (I just finished Game of Thrones).  Tomorrow is the halfway point.  Maybe I can kick this into higher gear.

I’m not a very good planner.  I often break my plans and I slack off on things I want to do and oftentimes things I need to do—I put off laundry until I have to dig through every drawer I have praying I have a pair of clean undies stashed somewhere.  And today I felt like I was about to fall asleep all day; I was a zombie and I let myself become a lazy zombie.

I did find out that biodegradable garbage bags exist, and honestly, if we could even switch to using those full time, I’d feel quite a bit better about how we live.  Cutting out plastic as much as possible would make me feel tons better, and parts of this have been easier than I thought.  Simply bringing my own cup to places that don’t have “for-here” cups is easier than I thought in a self-serve situation.  If I can figure out a system to be prepared to box up my own restaurant food, that would cut down immensely on the styrofoam containers that get tossed—or even cardboard.

I wonder, too, if I can let myself have a couple of “bad days.”  For example, I love Chick-Fil-A dearly, but they use styrofoam cups.  Maybe the more I pare down, the less I’ll crave their delicious milkshakes.  (Of course, the peach flavor hasn’t come back this year yet…)

I’m also getting great tips from friends about.  Thanks, guys!  Keep sending me stuff….maybe soon we can all start a weird hippie commune.


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