Mad Men 5×06: “Far Away Places”

Yeah, so I totally dropped the ball on this one.  My very good friend got married on Sunday, so I watched Mad Men, but on Monday I was exhausted, Tuesday I went to see The Deep Blue Sea (or, as my friend called it “Watching Paint Dry: The Movie”), Wednesday I went to see Mulholland Drive on the big screen, Thursday I went to see Jeff Mangum, Friday I took my bestie out drinking to celebrate her graduation.  And now it’s Saturday and I’m exhausted and have only viewed this week’s episode once.

Luckily, the episode kept its plot lines very distinctly away from one another (though they connect with a common theme), in a move that recalls Season 3’s “Seven Twenty Three.”  More thoughtful ruminations can be found at The AV Club.  Here are quick points from me:

  • I love downward spirals, and I can’t wait to see “Hand Job Peggy” back in action!  I think before the series is out, we’ll have a reverse “Suitcase” situation that involves Peggy puking on herself and Don comforting her.
  • If anyone else remembers, in “Three Sundays,” Don Draper reveals his father to have enjoyed the violet candy “in a beautiful purple and silver package”—the same kind he gives to Peggy for luck.  (Once my friends got these for fun on an outing in Denver and it smelled like detergent.  I could smell the candy in my friend’s mouth in the back seat from the driver’s seat.)
  • Michael Ginsberg fascinates me.
  • As someone who was once assigned to read an homage to Benjamin’s essay about doing hashish in Marseilles that was about a guy doing LSD for three days at Lollapalooza, I really enjoyed Roger’s LSD trip.  It was kind of silly like “lol Roger on drugs,” but I think visual effects would have been cheesy and stupid and so would any deeper exploration.  I’m glad it didn’t go all Fear and Loathing at SCDP.
  • This week in “whaaaaat” guest stars: Patti Chase calmer than she ever was on My So-Called Life.
  • I’m not sure that I hate Megan so much as I hate Don AND Megan.  Their fight was incredibly childish, her reaction was childish, the chase scene terrified me.  Why are they together?  I should watch this again and come up with more thoughtful things to say, but I’m tired.  I just fucked up this week.

Till next time!


3 thoughts on “Mad Men 5×06: “Far Away Places”

  1. I somehow missed this when you first posted it. Isn’t WordPress supposed to alert me when someone I follow makes a new post? It doesn’t, and I can’t figure out how to fix it. Anyway.

    I loved this episode, but I think you really articulated exactly why I find the relationship between Don and Megan so squicky. I like them as individuals, but when they’re together he acts like he’s her dad, and she acts like she’s 12. It’s totally gross.

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