Day 29: But she doesn’t learn it’s him till chapter threeeeeeee

Ah, childhood.  That idyllic past.

Day 29: A Song from Your Childhood

I’m not quite sure how best to define “childhood”—legally I guess it would be before I was 18.  I’m trying to think of something that’s had an effect on me throughout my formative years.  Now, “Peter and the Wolf” or “The Nutcracker” (or anything from Fantasia, really) probably fostered my continuing love of classical music.  Hearing my dad blast “Positively Fourth Street” or dancing to Van Morrison in ballet class were important enough to my musical tastes.

However, I think that the real answer to this is Disney.

I actually hated Beauty and the Beast when it first came out.  The Beast was scary, and it wasn’t as action-packed as The Great Mouse Detective (which I thought we were going to see when the castle appeared on-screen).  But as I get older I realize that the world (and, more applicably to my life: Western literature) is full of that woman who reads too many books and it makes her “affected”: Emma Bovary, the governess of “The Turn of the Screw,” or the telegraphist in “In the Cage,” and other examples I know I’ve come across and outlined furiously in books but now can’t remember.  Belle is sort of a refutation of this type, and since I grew up to be a lit major, I guess somewhere she’s floating around in my psyche as some mythological being or other.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast – “Belle”




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