Day 22: With a gun and a pack of sandwiches

Day 22: A Song that You Listen to When You’re Sad

Maybe I’m an exceptional wallower, but I think this post deserves a whole playlist.  So I have three tied for first:

Radiohead – “Talk Show Host”

Elliott Smith – “Trouble” (Cat Stevens cover)

Double-bonus sad points: this song is in Harold and Maude.  And even sadder, there’s an Eddie Vedder cover on YouTube (okay, he doesn’t completely ruin it).

Beck – “Whiskeyclone Hotel City 1997”

I guess this is a song I would say that’s better for snapping out of it.

And…a list of songs that I have consistently wallowed to.  This got a little bit out of control.  I guess I’ve been a wallower for a long time.

John Lennon – “Look at Me”

The Beatles – “Long Long Long”

Brian Jonestown Massacre – “Open Heart Surgery”

Beck – “Nobody’s Fault But My Own”

Radiohead – “The Tourist”

Cat Power – “Metal Heart”

Nirvana – “Something in the Way”

PJ Harvey – “Before Departure”

Laura Veirs – “Rapture”

The White Stripes – “The Union Forever”


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