Day 16: Your skin makes me cry

I tear up my old diaries for fear that someone might read them and think that I was once a person much whinier than I actually am.  And my musical taste from, say, middle school, are pretty embarrassing, especially in the seventh grade, where my top ten artists included Linkin Park, Backstreet Boys, and the inevitable affiliation for terrible poppunk—don’t ask me how.  However, these are trifling embarrassments that slough off like so much dead skin compared to the actual damage wrought by a band adored by college students and Pitchfork alike.

Day 16: A Song You Used to Love But Now Hate

Radiohead – “Creep”

Oh my god.  Talk about your alternative radio station staple.  Even Thom Yorke hates this song, but I really hate it.  There was one moment, and I don’t know when it happened, but something just clicked one day when this came at me over the airwaves and I realized: this is like the whiniest shit ever.  It’s meant for the worst kind of wallowing.  Even if I were a creep and a weirdo, I could never identify with such a proclamation delivered in a whiny falsetto.  It’s the lighter side of alternative radio, the kind that makes me prefer to label myself, if, a creep at all, definitely a negative creep.  Not at all demonstrative of Radiohead’s abilities as a band, and, even worse, fodder for annoying covers.  “Your skin makes me cry”?  “I wish I was special”?  Like, gag me with a spoon.

Personally, too, there are a couple of people that I associate with Radiohead that I have tried with some difficulty to suppress from my life.  Luckily, their music is so good that it generally doesn’t drum up feelings that are so bad I can’t listen to it, but I just can’t touch “Creep” (and, to be honest, most of The Bends).


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