Day Eight: Think of How a Castrated Horse Feels

There are two things I’ve mentioned about myself so far: my past Nirvana fanaticism, and my unwillingness to learn the full lyrics of songs ever since that time.  It seems kind of pointless to know all of a song when I primarily sing along to it in my car alone, and once I know it, I generally get sick of it.

Day Eight: A Song You Know All the Words To

Nirvana – “I Hate Myself and I want to Die”

I’ve been listening to a couple Nirvana songs today to try to pick one that I still know all the lyrics to.  The case has been made that it is probably impossible for anyone (let alone the band) to really know what the lyrics of some songs are.  This song is a bit more “back-catalog” than “Teen Spirit,” but not quite as simple as “Moist Vagina” either, whose complete lyrics are, I believe “marijuana/moist vagina” (actually that’s not true—but I did believe it).  So, somewhat ironically, I know about 80% of the lyrics or more to a band that is aurally incomprehensible,

AND I bought the Beavis and Butthead soundtrack—the only place this song appeared until the release of the With the Lights Out box set (November 23 2004! A date burned into my memory)— when I found it at the outlet mall as a sixteen-year-old.  Man, was I proud of that find, even though I have never, ever seen Beavis and Butthead in my life.  Yeah, I was the coolest kid ever.

Honorable mentions that aren’t singles (I could probably go on, but that’s just silly):

“Verse Chorus Verse”


“Frances Farmer Will Have her Revenge on Seattle”

“Radio Friendly Unit Shifter”


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