Day Seven: Keep Your Cool Break the Rules

My friends really love Brian Jonestown Massacre, and tickets were only $18 to see them when they came to town this summer.  I wasn’t familiar with the band, and now I like them pretty well (though it’s not a rabid love, unlike the crowd at the show).  I have to admit, I’m a terrible music fan.  I rarely know more than one member of a band, I stopped learning the lyrics to most songs because then they bore me.  I don’t go to shows generally.  I was definitely not enough of a fan to be smushed against the stage and dancing while looking at my shoes with the rest of the BJM crew.  But there I was.

Day Seven: A Song that Reminds You of a Certain Event.

Brian Jonestown Massacre, “Satellite.”

If you’ve seen the documentary Dig! you know Anton Newcombe has a penchant for melting down onstage.  “Satellite” was the last song BJM played on the exact tour in this video a couple months later—and I swear I’ve seen youtube footage of the same song on this tour when Anton has a meltdown.  When I saw them, they started up the song, Anton made them stop, and chewed out one of the band’s (five) guitar players.

“Put that fucking guitar down, man!  You know there are a bunch of people who tell us they can’t understand the song because we’ve got too many fucking guitars!”

Something to that effect.  I hadn’t seen Dig! and I knew nothing about BJM beyond the fact that they played shows for cheap and had really annoying fans (whole other story) , so I was pretty shocked at this outburst.  But he was actually giving the fans what they wanted.  There were scattered cries to the effect of “YEAH!  ANTON! I LOVE YOU ANTON!”  The guy next to me said they always did that.  They finished the song and left.

I listened to the studio version for the rest of the summer.

There you go.  That’s my last bit of cred.


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