Day Five: Odds and Ends and Bric-a-Brac

Day Five: A song that reminds you of someone

“Higitus Figitus” from Walt Disney’s The Sword and the Stone:

I made this joke over winter break already (read: totally exhausted it), but I have a professor who is basically a kindly old wizard.  A really awesome kindly old wizard. He has book everywhere—too many for his shelves.  And he knows everything.  He really, really reminds me of Merlin.  Also Gandalf.  And sort of Dumbledore, I suppose.  He just is a wizard.

I wrote a paper for his class in December that I really liked working on, but it didn’t get to grow to its whole potential because I took far too many classes to really have a good semester.  I started his final the earliest of all my others, but I still turned it in down to the wire.  It was the third paper due in a five-day period. From Tuesday to Thursday morning of finals week, I literally slept for three hours.  I turned in a paper at 9am Thursday, then finished this paper after a three-hour nap.  I was completely exhausted and disappointed in the work, and I cried uncontrollably, dreading what he would think of it.

I got the paper back today.  His comments were not bad.  In fact, many of them were rather good, and he respected my ambition even if the execution wasn’t quite up the snuff.  But now I dread another semester with him far less!

And that’s what I was thinking about while picking a song for Day Five.


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